Bryan lahr

The word “Artist” is entirely overused in the worlds of, well… art, entertainment, pop culture, but especially — advertising.

Trouble is, there just isn’t another word that more accurately describes Bryan Lahr. Director gets you only part of the way there. But it doesn’t really begin to cover the scope of Bryan’s talent and experience. Nor does: Photographer, Creative Director, Art Director, Digital Designer, Creative/Strategic/Luminary/Guru/Sensei… you get the idea. Simply put, the man got game.

He’s an artist.

Bryan has won every award one can win in advertising. Which is just an appetizer. He’s directed acclaimed work in a dizzying range of categories: Food, tourism, fashion, sports, kids and animals. An artist’s eye for amazing imagery is what drives Bryan’s wide appeal. Bryan’s images are sought by taste makers who snap up his coffee-table books and prints.

His signature “BLARMATIONS” — live-action animated still sequences — are making waves in music videos, tabletop, and live-action spots.

Alone, or in combo with a team of creatives from Planet Films, he can deliver creative vision for your project from concept through completion — or any step along the way. With his legendary design work fueling the aesthetic sensibility of everything he touches, Bryan Lahr is truly an Artist… in every sense of the word.